iOS Dev Center

Structure and Content


  • iOS Developer Library
    • Getting Started
    • Guides
    • Reference
    • Release Notes
    • Sample Code
    • Technical Notes
    • Technical Q&As

  • Development Videos
    • iOS 7 Tech Talks
    • WWDC 2014
  • Featured Content (list of articles)
  • Downloads (Xcode)
  • iOS Developer Program
  • Four features - Custom B2B Apps, Swift Programming Language, Apps We Can't Live Without, Promote Your Apps

Developer Library

Most links take you to the iOS Developer Library. This takes the form of a date ordered list of pages with different categories, including sample code, technical Q&As, reference and technical notes.

Navigation sidebar:

  • Resource Types (Getting Started, Guides, Reference, Release Notes, Sample Code, Technical Notes...)
  • Topics (Audio & Video, Data Management, General, Graphics & Animation...)

  • Frameworks
    • Cocoa Touch Layer (AddressBookUI, GameKit...)

    • Media Layer
    • Core Services Layer
    • Core OS Layer

iOS 7 Design Resources

The design site seems to be a separate website with its own navigation and a header that takes you back to the main site.


  • In some respects, the site feels rather disconnected, with the library, home page and design sites having a different look and feel.
  • Developer library:
    • Provides effective and quick navigation and search. Navigation paths are generally shallow.
    • It is nice to see different types of resource alongside one another. For example, selecting a framework shows both code samples and reference material.
    • Feels a bit overwhelming at first - you get a long list of recent material, which isn't tailored to your interests or requirements.

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