GNOME Developer Center

Designs for



  • Single portal for all developer documentation: tutorials and guides, HIG, API reference.
  • Engaging home page which brings content to the front.
  • Search should be prominent, tightly integrated, global.
  • View documentation by programming language and version (where appropriate).
  • Should work as a companion to, and have integration with, DevHelp.

  • Documentation should always be up to date (or almost up to date).
  • Easy for people to contribute documentation.

Nice to Have

  • Advertise new content (probably on the homepage).
  • Ability to subscribe (to learn about new content).
  • Download as PDF.
  • Embedded videos? (Like GUADEC presentations.)


  • Limited resources for website development and documentation.

Relevant Art




Existing Documentation

Documentation that we have right now that is good enough:

Needs a small amount of work:

  • Platform Demos (gnome-devel-docs). Short tutorials with sample code for demo apps. Covers JS, Python, C++, Vala, C. Some parts look rather out of date.
  • GNOME Application Development Overview - introduction to the various libraries. Currently lives in gnome-devel-docs. Some improvements are pending merge. Could be elaborated some more.
  • Integrating existing software into GNOME (gnome-devel-docs) - How to integrate an app - .desktop files, mime types, etc. Some good material. Needs brushing up.
  • Port your application from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3. Bare bones list of steps in porting from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3. Needs brushing up and elaborating to read better. Not so much a guide as a checklist.

  • Everything in

Needs a lot more work:

  • GNOME Accessibility Developers Guide. Pages seem rather sparse and look a bit odd in general. Needs a fair bit of work.
  • Optimization Guide. Extremely thin on material. Looks really out of date.

Tentative Design


  • Swilmet made a start on good introduction to GLIB, GObJECT and GTK some time ago

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