GNOME 2 Must-fix list Proposal - Nautilus

author: Brian Crescimanno


Main Window: General

Main Window: View as List

Main Window: View as Music

Preferences: View Preferences

Preferences: Appearance

Preferences: Windows & Desktop Split these up into "Windows", "Desktop & Trash" and move "keyboard shortcuts to a "general preferences" section REASON: This window is a jumbled mess of options that really don't belong together. Split them up into more specific and descriptive categories. Who is going to look to customize the trash options by looking under "windows and desktop?"

Preferences: Icon Captions I don't know, it's just bad... REASON: This should be moved and grouped with other options of simliar nature.

Preferences: Search Move this to the Navigation window REASON: There's no reason to have an entire window for one preference.

Preferences: Navigation Looks like a good place for "SEARCH" to go! REASON: Do I really have to?

Preferences: Speed Tradeoffs Change name to "performance" REASON: NEVER tell a user that what you are making them do is a tradeoff. They feel cheated by it!