Minutes of the GNOME Usability Team Meeting (September 5, 2001)

Status of Must Fix Lists

1) Panel Menu
Kevin/Nils posted 1st rev

2) Nautilus
Brian posted 2nd rev

3) CC
ACTION: Seth to post today

4) WM and default GTK theme
Kenny's  Sawfish proposed changes
are at http://boom.whitecape.org/Fixes/sawfish.html

ACTION: Seth will ask Matthew Thomas to look at GTK2 issues

5) Log in/out
ACTION: Kevin to post another rev after the meeting

6) Graphic Design and Icons
Suzanna has looked at the CC
We don't currently have an owner for this one.

7) Feedback
App launch feedback part of 1)

ACTION: All Must Fix Lists Owners - Send completed lists to Seth for adding into CVS by Friday
ACTION: All Must Fix Lists Owners - Send list of maintainers to seth

HIG Status
Colin_zr said there was a now Document in CVS today
Calum to add more stuff by early next week

UI principles
ACTION:  Nils to come up with some proposals, by next meeting

Next Meeting
ACTION: Seth will send on email, once he has determined if the Wed 12 noon
PST is the most optimal