Screen Time

Promote and facilitate digital well-being.


  • Allow someone to see how they are using their computer, in order to help them form healthy habits and behaviours
  • Allow people to set limits and reminders, either to limit their computer use, or take breaks
  • Encourage healthy behaviour, as it has been defined by research and evidence (this is likely to translate to good defaults for things like screen time limits and breaks)
  • Data portability: it should be possible to backup and migrate usage data between machines
  • Link to parental controls: screen time is primarily about your usage, but it can also be about others's usage that you manage/care about

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Ideally we'd integrate with the browser, and have a way of blocking sites, and reporting on site usage.

While it could be useful to show information on app usage, and allow setting limits on app usage, it's unclear exactly how useful that will be. Just showing info on overall system usage will be a significant first step.

The initial view should allow someone to quickly inform their immediate behaviour. How does my usage today compare to my goals and recent behaviour? Am I above or below where I'd like to be?

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