The goal of this panel is to view and change basic screen settings.


  • Set screen brightness
  • Set when the screen turns off
  • Set when the screen is locked



Mockup: screen.ui


Design Update Proposal



  • For the 3.0 release we dropped screensaver selection due to the rather complicated (ui-wise) time relation to locking and turning screen off. If we do want bring up the bling back, the best approach is to link the screensaver to the screen lock trigger. In addition the selection of screensavers we have had in the past feels quite underwhelming, photo slideshow being quite likely something people would love to watch. So adding a "[ ] show favorite photos" to the screen lock section might be a good alternative to screensavers. Hopefully the favorite keyword is enough to avoid exposing the photo selection UI in here and leaving that on the photo management app.
  • I don't necessary want the screen to lock the second it turns off. I want to save energy, but that doesn't mind I want it to enter my password every single time. We could rename the option "Lock when blanked for:" with a combo box for time.
  • What about the AC Power/Battery distinction ? When on battery, the user probably want the display to blank a lot faster.

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