System wide privacy controls, including application access to content and devices.

provide the user with a way to see and control what information about them is being stored.


WilliamJonMcCann, AllanDay, JakubSteiner


Primary goals:

  • Review which content collections, system services and devices are being used by applications.
  • Allow application access to be reviewed and revoked.
  • Provide a way to see what information about you the system has stored
  • Be able to clear out stored personal information

Relevant Art

OS X 10.6

iOS 6

Google Dashboard


Tentative Guidelines

Previous Mockups

Jon's old mockups

Some explanations from an IRC discussion of the design:

  • Stealth mode is meant to 'force off' the other settings in that dialog
  • Local network appearance: this means mdns / avahi
  • 'Do not track': maybe not the best term to use here, there's a web thing by that name, and we just want it to control the history tracking here


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