Notification settings.


Allow people to:

  • Stop notifications from annoying apps
  • See important notification, even when playing games or watching videos
  • Focus, either temporarily (example: during meetings), for longer periods of time (example: "I need to focus on writing this report"), or at certain times of the day ("I don't want to be bothered when I'm relaxing in the evening")
    • Filter out some notifications but not others, while they're focused (example: "I still need to get calendar notifications, so I know when I have calls coming up")

Other functionality to provide:

  • Control whether the screen should waking up and show fullscreen notifications, when it is locked (it might not be desirable in some environments, like a desktop machine in a shared space)
  • Control whether notification summaries are shown on the lock screen

Potential functionality which has been excluded for now:

  • Controls for notification sounds
  • Hide the content of notifications

Relevant Art


Windows 10




Scheduled "do not disturb" functionality could do more than disable notifications - for example, it could prevent certain apps or websites from being accessed.

Relevant issues:

Tentative Design

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