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Touch settings (for gestures and the like) could go in a separate panel.

I think the gnome desktop should get rid of the double click behaviour, or at the very least, make it a non-default option. Currently prevent this to happen. Interestingly xfce seems to manage it now, according to

Mixing single and double click management is even worst than having no single click at all, users get confused because they can't understand why one click is sometime enough, and sometime not.

Also note that if we want gnome to be tablet-ready, double click is really impractical.

Tentative Design


The "primary button" choice formulation is great. Nice job.

You should add a "Enable double click to perform default action" checkbox, or eventually a "Perform default action on : (*) single click / ( ) double click" radio button.

Don't forget about ThinkPad users with TrackPoint. It should work out of the box, including both vertical and horizontal scrolling (moving trackpoint whith middle-button pressed).

The "Test your setting" frame may contain actual elements, that the user may encounter while using real interfaces. It should also be a zone to test selection, and any generic action the user may perform using the mouse/touchpad. Here is the list of action that this zone should enable to test which comme to my mind : * perform default action on a directory/file * (de)selecting items (ie. files in nautilus or any gtk*list), including muli-selection (more bellow on this topic) * navigating a window menu * displaying and navigating the contextual menu * selecting text

What about an option like "Disable touchpad when mouse is attached"? I find it really useful on laptops.

Bug 121113 - File chooser requires double clicking brings some thought material on the topic.

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