Usually connected gamepads are not always configured properly. This UI needs to support the ability to remap the plugged-in gamepad to a "standard" gamepad (a Xbox gamepad).

Also the raw names reported by the drivers are not always correct, we need to allow someway to remap this to a user-friendly name which can then be shown to the user when say assigning a gamepad to a user in a game.


  • Allow to chose the gamepad to remap.
  • Set the name for a gamepad (many gamepads raw names are badly reported).
  • Remap a gamepad to a standard gamepad.
    • In this we may have to alert the user from mapping the same key to a button
    • There must also be a way to say that no such button/axis exists for this standard-gamepad-button/axis in this gamepad
  • Allow some way to review the mapping, for example by letting the user press the gamepad button and see which standard gamepad button corresponds to it.
  • Allow to remap some of the buttons of the gamepad
  • An easy interface to map all the buttons of a unknown/wrongly-mapped gamepad

Relevant Art



Experimental Guidelines

It can be a step-wise process:

  • Choose a gamepad
  • Prompt for name with the current name filled in
  • Show a dialog whether to remap the gamepad afresh or to review the current binding (AFRESH/REVIEW)
  • Show a window with an image of the Standard Gamepad
    • AFRESH Mode
      • Highlight "sequentially" each button/axis of the standard gamepad in the image and ask the user to press the corresponding button on his gamepad
      • Dialog asking Done/Review
    • REVIEW Mode
      • Highlight the correspondingly mapped standard button in the image when a gamepad button is pressed
      • If he clicked on a button in the image.. that part is highlighted and the user can assign a new key to it
    • Common to both Modes
      • He may chose to press some keyboard key to switch to the next button telling that no such key exists on my gamepad


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