This is my attempt at providing a clear timezone panel for the Control Center.

At the present time it is just tries, doesn't include manual time setting, weather and everything, really just a try.

Date & Time panel in the Control Center

first shot


  • no UI to set the time manually. I can't see any use case for this except when you don't have network, but I might be wrong and will check on IRC.
  • no pin pixmap to show locations: need to write some code and would also appreciate a sexier icon than the tango-ish one right now ;
  • no UI to set the main location: current indication is just a bold label, not optimal ;
  • is current location (i.e network detected) == main location (the location I'm usually at, for which I want all info) ?


second try

  • add AM/PM switcher
  • will add an insensitive "configure time manually"
  • the star is to mark the main/home location. just a try.


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