Design pages for the Settings application. System and user settings are organized into a set of "panels".

High level design can be found in the Settings application design page.


Many of these design pages aren't fully up to date. If you want to help with design or development, check out the relevant component in Bugzilla, or get in touch with the designers and developers concerned.



Proposed/Dropped Panels


  • In order to fit on Netbooks screens all panels should be 675x530px
    • NB. The shell panel is 26px tall, window decorations on Awaita are 32px tall and the systems settings toolbar is 50px tall. That means a panel needs to be roughly below 490px in height to fit on a netbook screen.

Developers API

A library is available for developers wishing to implement new Settings Panels.

  • SettingsShell

    • An abstract class representing the settings shell
    • Properties:
      • "panel" - the current active settings panel
    • Functions:
      • set_active_panel_from_id - set the active panel using the given id
  • SettingsPanel

    • An abstract class to implement a panel
    • Properties:
      • "shell" - construct only property set to the SettingsShell the Panel is inside

Previous Design Work

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