This is a proposal for a usability test that we received from Bill Westerman at Create with Context


As we understand it, the GNOME Foundation is in the process of developing a mobile-tailored version of GNOME for netbooks and mobile phones.

As part of this effort, you would like to: - Better understand the context of use surrounding netbooks today - Understand real-world usage of netbooks: number of simultaneous apps, suspend versus shutdown, etc. - Provide the GNOME community with recommendations for netbook-targeted software development - Generate a 'Top 10' list of recommendations for netbook development


As I recall from our conversation, the GNOME Foundation is budget constrained on this project, and would like to explore various options for pricing and scope. As such, we recommend the following options:

Option A - Lab-based usability testing

- Perform lab-based usability testing of current netbook users - Combination of interview and hands-on activities to explore pain points and areas of opportunity - 6 users, 90 minutes each, videotaped - Held at Create with Context labs in Santa Clara, CA - GNOME community to identify candidate participants; CWC to confirm and schedule sessions - Final report: 40-50 pages presentation format - Cost: $20,000 (includes no-cost use of research labs)

Option B - Diary

- Provide diary study of current netbook users, obtaining usage information over time - Participants fill out a daily diary, describing usage of their netbook, pain points, and context of use - 6 participants, 7 days each, electronic diary - GNOME community to identify candidate participants; CWC to confirm and manage diary processing - Final report: 40-50 pages presentation format - Cost: $15,000

Pricing for both options has been reduced from our standard rates, assuming the following: - CWC free to reuse all data and analysis from the project - CWC to incorporate netbook project description, findings, and mention of GNOME Foundation into sales, marketing, and related materials - GNOME Foundation to provide CWC with executive-level contacts within board member organizations (Intel, Motorola, Asustek, Nvoell, etc.), so as to provide opportunity for CWC to present findings to these organizations

I look forward to your thoughts on these initial ideas, and am very much open to tailoring the approach to find a solution that works well for both of our teams. Please let me know about any questions or concerns you may have.

Thanks, Bill

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