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Design Requests

Please list requests for design input here. It is recommended that you also make contact with GNOME designers directly via the #gnome-design channel. Please note that we can't guarantee that all design requests will be met.

Requests should be listed by project and should include contact information or links. Please include a short explanation of what it is that you would like addressing.


In order to try to get gtranslator as part of the gnome desktop in a future releases I would like somebody to have a look at it. Some of the things that I have in mind to look at are:


  • do they need some reorganizing?
  • should some of them be removed?

preferences dialog:

  • too much stuff, should we remove something?
  • should the plugins tab go in a standalone dialog? currently it is following the gedit steps.
  • the translation memories tab should go in the per profile dialog management?


  • would be interesting if some of the hig police could have a look at the app in general to see if something is wrong


  • is the general design for editing files correct?
  • is it good that we are using gdl?


We would like input on the plugin manager and the plugin store.

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