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ÁlvaroPeña (design).


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Relevant Art


I think that it's possible to give a new dimension to the notifications taken care about the heavily use of social/media networks by the users. So I propose some modifications to the notifications to allow the user a rapid way to see the photo shared by a contact.

I know that implementing it requires that an application support this kind of integration. I think that the new application Photos it's the target for something like that and I can work on it if the people in Photos and the design team looks something affordable (this perhaps can be bigger that just notifications like allowing the user to see the photos from his contacts, but the photo notifications would be a good point to start).

  • For a more rapid start, perhaps it's possible to create a little application for photo notifications and then use the technology in other applications, like Photos, when the way to show shared photos will be clear (if the Photo team thinks possible to include shared photos)

Goals and scope

Allow the user to stay informed about the photo activity of his contacts.

Connect with social photo sources like Mediagoblin, Flickr, Instagram, G+ ...





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