GNOME doesn't provide any simple graphics tool for drawing/editing bitmap files. GIMP is very powerful, but also very complex, and even performing simple operation might require looking for tutorial on the internet. Third party software either requires a lot of dependencies (i.e. KolourPaint requires some libraries from KDE stack), or very unstable and unmaintained (i.e. GPaint, gnome-paint).

The GNOME Paint should provide simple drawing operations (like drawing primitives) in very user-friendly way using GTK+3 and following GNOME3 UI design patterns.


Marcin Kolny


  • {o} Needs design

    {o} Design in progress

    {o} Needs implementation

    {*} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable

Relevant Art

MS Paint from Microsoft Windows XP

MS Paint - overhauled

OS X Paintbrush


Tentative Design


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