Adding support for web games to Gnome Games would give the users access to a larger selection of games. Since Games is an application to "browse your video games library", then adding support for web games could be an additional part of this purpose.


  • The web games must have an open source license. GPL, AGPL, MPL or Creative Commons.


Supporting web based games is complex: either we use an external web browser like Web in application mode or we turn Games into a web browser, both solution having their own pros and cons.

  • Possibly launching an external browser, in full-screen mode, would probably be easiest to implement.
  • It should be easy for the user to add new games. The user can provide the game URL, then the Games application should handle the rest automatically (fetching title and icon/thumbnail).
  • HTML5 games can be supported. Flash games are not supported.

List of open source web games

A selection of trusted open source web games can be included by default:

  • Freeciv-web - open source strategy game, implemented in HTML5 and optionally WebGL.

    • GNOME Games 3.22 main screen

  • Browserquest - a HTML5/JavaScript multiplayer game experiment by Mozilla.

  • 2048

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