Retro games can have snapshots, allowing to go back to a previous state of the game. This has to be treated carefully as it affects in-game saves too.


  • Snapshots are associated to their Libretro core
  • Snapshots should have a date
  • Snapshots should have a time in the game
  • Snapshots should have a screenshot
  • Snapshots should be named, the default name could be the date and time
  • The name could be edited
  • There should be a button to create the snapshot with a custom name (proposing the default)
  • There should be a keyboard shortcut to take snapshots with the default name (no more interaction needed)
  • There should be an interface to browse, rename and delete the existing snapshots, except the current/last state
  • Clicking the current state could save it?
  • There could be a shortcut to load the last manual snapshot
  • There should be an automatic snapshot (as now), stated as automatic and which can't be re-named
  • Only manual snapshots are permanent
  • Snapshots should be sorted by date, from the most recent to the oldest (with the automatic one first)
  • There should be a way to restart the game without a snapshot (like reseting the console)
  • What about in-game saves, should they be affected by loading a snapshot? They probably should…
  • Loading a snapshot should warn that the current game and the in-game saves will go back to this previous state


Tentative design


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