• List the available video games, whatever their format is (native, Wine, old system ROM, game package for a particular engine, web game...).
  • Display metadata for the games.
  • Download the required programs to run the available games.
  • Treat games as works of art instead of files or applications.
  • Implement GNOME 3's Finding and Reminding layout on games.


  • Make a meta game engine/emulator front-end : Video Games will simply be a game launcher.
  • Integrate a game market, but we could ease integration of some external markets like Ubuntu Software Center or Steam.
  • Being a controller manager : other projects exists for the GNOME Control Center and we should integrate with them.



  • {*} Needs design

    {*} Design in progress

    {*} Needs implementation

    {*} Implementation in progress

    {*} Stable


IRC: #gnome-games on GimpNet

Mailing list:

For now, we are borrowing GNOME Games' mailing list and IRC channel.

Relevant Art

OpenEmu -

More screenshots at :

Gnome Video Arcade

See the screenshots here:

Joypad Game Console


GOG Galaxy

Games (Windows 7 app)

Xbox 360




More screenshots at :


Discussion on metadata sources and their usage can be pursued in the Metadata page.


Libretro is implemented by retro-gtk and used in Games to support a lot of games.

The LibretroCores page offers a comparison of different Libretro cores.


  • The Internet Arcade archives allow playing games in a browser, but it should be possible to get the zip file containing the ROM sources.


Currently, there's different types of games playable with GNOME, and different ways of doing so:

  • native games can be launched via the Activities Overview, but you won't be able to display them by clicking on the "Games" category in GNOME Shell 3.8;
  • game packs poorly integrated to their native engine or to the desktop (Doom, LÖVE...);
  • emulated games, which need an emulator (such as MAME, Mednafen or DOSBox) to run;
  • Windows games, which need Wine - when they're willing to work with Wine;
  • Web games, which can be added to the Overview thanks to the Web Apps feature of Web, but still need a browser to work, if not a third-party plugin (like Flash or Unity).

Goals and scope

  • Making the most, if not all of an user's games available from one place;
  • Bringing a common interface to multiple emulators;
  • Keeping the actions needed between launching the app and launching a game to a minimum;
  • Needing as little configuration as possible.



Actual concepts

  • The "+" button allow to add search paths or non-searchable games (like Web games).
  • The "lens" button's behaviour is similar to GNOME Documents or GNOME Music.

Old concepts

Needs design

  • Non-searchable games and search folders integration ("+" button).
  • System preferences (the "gear" button).
  • The application menu.


GNOME Games: the actual games project;

GNOME Video Arcade: project achieving some of our goals in a GNOME 2 style;

Gamepad settings: a project we should support and rely on.

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