Nautilus File Duplication Handling


You are in a rush to get out, you have thousands of files to copy over to a new target directory, but you also know that there are existing files in the target directory and you are aware that copying/moving will stop the entire process when a duplicate is found. Certain files, will be skipped, some will be replaced, how do we work around this?

Current Way

You just have to come back and choose an option to overwrite, rename, skip or cancel and then the process will continue again.


The ability to queue duplicates to the beginning or end of the file copying process. A new function would probably have to be created: queue_duplicates(src,tgt,mode = begin || end), depending on the users preference the duplicates will be queued to the beginning or end (begin || end) of the copying process.

Additionally, while it's preparing the files to copy, the user can select a radio button to change the default behavior of how duplicates will be handled for that current copying session and revert back to the original setting when complete ie. changing the option to "end" if they have "beginning" set in nautilus preferences.

I would prefer the default option to be set to "end" in my case.

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