GNOME 2.x has had a dictionary since the good old 1.x days. The current Dictionary is a DICT protocol client, relying on existing dictionary servers like dict.org. This is sub-optimal, as the DICT protocol really only works for ANSI 80x25 terminals (the text is pre-formatted); doesn't have markup; doesn't allow translations; and it's rapidly fading out of the fact of the Interwebs.

Dictionary clients have been vastly superseded by websites, like Wiktionary or Wikipedia, which are actually useful, crowd-sourced, and translated.

The GNOME Dictionary should remove the DICT client support and switch to being a local search front-end to Wikipedia/Wiktionary.

This would also be the chance to redesign the Dictionary UI to be more in line with the rest of the GNOME 3 applications.


Emmanuele Bassi


  • {*} Needs design

    {*} Design in progress

    {o} Needs implementation

    {o} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable

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Tentative Design


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