This document is about the clock in gnome shell(esp. World clock).


The earlier idea of world clock designs in gnome was in 2D form,i.e showing all users favorite places timing on single window in 2D fashion,But i have a new concept to make that clock in 3D form so that user can access the whole globe timing.

My Idea

1.Having a 3D earth,On which user can set his/her favorite places,and the timing and the a small jpeg,gif image in background would be shown.

2.User can rotate the globe and can select any place on it to get its timing,with short introduction of that place in pop up window.

3.And user can also delete those timing set by user by clicking on it ,saying that 'delete it!'

4.At a glance you are able to see whole world and its timings.


1.User is able to get 3D view of globe with place and timing in clock itself ,no extra software are needed to know the basic information of place in earth.

2.Now-a-days people like 3D works,And It would really look best in that context.

Rough sketch

It is very basic and rough sketch,just to get cleared what i mean to say.


Previous Work

There same work done in Samsung tab 7 world clock app.

world clock design in samsung tab7--3D view(shown when we click on 'addnew'option)

world clock design in samsung tab7[2d]--2D view(shown when app is opened at start )

But the new modification is :- when we open this app, the 2D view of our favorite times which we have set. And when we click on 'add new'option then this 3d globe appears. So, we can modify this by making 3D view as [time viewer and there only we can pin new time also ]


If anybody likes the idea or any queries, please drop me a mail with '#gnome-clock' hashtag in subject field. Email

{DEVELOPER ARE INVITED for development }

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