alternate calendar systems in gnome-shell

problem statement

calendar widget of gnome-shell must support non-gregorian calendars, so users in countries that their primary calendar is not Gregorian (specially Iranian/Arabs/Israelis) can use calendar widget. it has to show 2 calendar at same time & their dates. user must be able to select his/her primary & secondary calendar then the main calendar will be primary one & equal days of secondary calendar will be shown next to dates of main calendar.

relevant art

Windows XP

Settings for changing calendar type


Settings for changing calendar type

Star Calendar cal.png

Windows Mobile Persian Date and time

Persian Calendar pro Iphone

Sun Calendar / windows App calendar.JPG

Tentative Design

This seems like a good idea. I think it would help GNOME's internationalization efforts, as they have been trying to make GNOME as acessible as possible to users of all nations. --UnsolvedCypher


Would the settings for this perhaps be better in System Settings? Like under Region & Language or something like that. AndreasNilsson

It would be useful if we could see at least the selected date in an alternate calendar system, similar to "World Clocks" in calendar view. BTW, all the links on this page are dead. It would be nice to bring them back, to be able to continue the discussion. --MehdiSadeghi

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