Universal Access


The goal is to provide quick access to the state of universal access functionality. Particularly those that change the basic interactions with the system.


  • We still don't have the ability to enable a11y mid-session do we? Does the menu only show when a11y is enabled? Or does it do the "do you want to log out and back in" thing?
  • Can we confirm exactly what each item does?
    • Inverted Colors: switches to HighContrastInverse theme when ON. If you toggle it ON and then OFF, it ought to correctly revert to whatever theme you were using before. If you toggle it ON in one session and then back OFF in a later session, is it ok for it to revert you back to the default theme?

    • Zoom: enables the screen magnifier? What options, etc?
    • Screen Reader: enables Orca?
    • Visual Alerts: turns on visual bell in fullscreen (not window-frame-flash) mode?
    • Sticky Keys, Slow Keys, Mouse Keys, Bounce Keys: these are obvious
  • See also discussion in 624916



  • The toggle switches seem like a tricky UI to stick into a menu:
    • If the user ignores the toggle buttons and just selects a menu item, presumably that changes the setting? (Does the toggle animate?)
    • When the user enters the menu by having pressed-and-not-released on the status icon, and then moves over a menu item, and that menu item is highlighted, what happens? Does the toggle show the current state of the preference, or does it change to show the state that would be selected if you selected that menu item? What if you move the pointer over the toggle button itself? Does it change, or is it insensitive to the mouse in this mode?
    • What about when the user enters the menu by clicking on the status icon? Can you manually interact with the toggle buttons in this case? If you press to drag a toggle, and then release the mouse button, is the menu dismissed? Even if you didn't change the toggle state? When happens if you just click on the toggle, rather than dragging?
  • See also 621880

  • Some languages will not have a pair of suitably short words to replace "ON" and "OFF" with. What should they use? "1" and "0"? "⚫" and "⚪"?
    • iOS uses "|" and "◯" I believe (-- BastienNocera 2010-07-22 13:07:39)

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