Content Transfers


Today, transferring content (Documents, Music, Videos, Apps, VMs, ...) from one app to another is at best clumsy or worst onerous.


William Jon McCann


  • Never require the user to use a command line or file manager
  • Treat the web as the primary place were information is accessed
  • Aim to use references instead of copies whenever possible
  • Retain context during transfer


  • "Viewing" media links on the web
  • Transferring a file type / link from the web to a local app that can handle it. For example:
    • Music
    • Video
    • Document
    • Image/Photo
    • Application
    • OS Image
  • Transferring a file type from one app to another that can handle it. For example:
    • viewing email attachments
    • saving email attachments
    • items sent via bluetooth
    • items sent via Chat
    • taking screenshots
    • "Save as PDF" feature
  • Uploading to the web

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