Time Zone Selection

A widget to allow selecting a time zone, usually by way of selecting a world city. For use in date and time settings initial setup, and Clocks.


  • Allow the current location to be automatically determined
  • Don't require geographical knowledge
  • Handle localisation issues - different spellings and names for places

Relevant Art




Tentative Guidelines




  • The map is not interactive - clicking on it does not select a location.
  • Each location is identified by the bubble only - the area of the time zone is not highlighted.
  • In clocks, it should be possible to search for a time zone. In this case the time zone is highlighted.

Search results:

  • Should only include one result per city.
  • Should rank results in order of popularity/relevance.
  • Should include time zones when used in Clocks.
  • Should include only "popular"/"significant" cities (most populous cities plus capitals, for example).
  • It should be possible to search for the "native" spelling of a place, irrespective of the configured display language. For example, on a computer set to Spanish, it should be possible to search for "London" or "Londres".
  • Search should match cities using a "simple spelling" that does not require special characters. For example, it should be possible to search for "Munchen" and get a result for "M√ľnchen".
  • It would be really fantastic if we could use fuzzy search to return misspellings, like returning "Barcelona" for "Barcalona" or "Marseille" for "Marsielle"


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