System Suspend, Stop, and Restart

Stopping and restarting the device.

The menu part of this design is covered by system status.


WilliamJonMcCann, JakubSteiner, AllanDay


  • Present a short and simple set of choices
  • Promote suspend/resume as a good way to stop the system
  • Allow updates to be installed, when they're available
  • Don't lose the user's work

Relevant Art

GNOME 3.28



Holding down the Alt key turns the power off button into a suspend button.


Windows 10

Clicking the power icon from the start menu shows a submenu with: "sleep", "shut down", restart".

Clicking the user's profile shows a menu with "change account settings", "lock", "sign out".

There's no confirmation dialog for shutdown, under normal circumstances.

Power button suspends by default. This can be changed from the settings.

Android / Mobile

  • Hard button short press - sleep
  • Hard button long press - offers shutdown or restart
  • Automatically sleeps after a short period


See /History for previous iterations of the design, as well as comments about them.

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