Screen Capture


Capturing a screenshot or a short video to demonstrate an issue or point to a specific functionality of an application.



  • Capture a static fullscreen screenshot
  • Capture a window
  • Capture a region
  • Record a short video of the entire screen


  • Sharing (uploading to flickr, youtube...) Realm of a core app (Photos, Videos)

  • Record a single window
  • Record a rectangular area of the screen
  • Include audio
  • Review the recorded video

These advanced tasks can be achieved using a separate application -- Screencast Recorder.


Tentative Design

Screen recording is part of the system, invoked by a shortcut. Filesystem is avoided by populating the Photo/Video libraries or by using the system clipboard as a target.

Keyboard shortcut should provide feedback that it did something. And provide feedback if it doesn't do something.



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