Test Page


It would be nice to have an improved printer test page.



  • Used to demonstrate that the printer is setup to print
  • Identify the computer/person that sent the test page. This is important for shared printers.
    • Pretty Hostname
    • User name
  • Tests printer:
    • Color (only if applicable)
      • Accuracy
      • Registration (inkjet)
    • grayscale accuracy
    • resolution
    • paper size?
  • Easy way to share printer settings with other people. Simply print test page and hand to a visitor.
    • What do we need to display here?

Non Goals

Relevant Art

Windows 7


OS X Lion




  • Something wrong with the way the CUPS logo is being printed. It is much lower quality than the OS X version. 1 bit color?
  • The color wheel is obviously funky. (compare with OS X one)
  • Maybe we shouldn't print a color wheel on a non-color printer?
  • The "Printer Test Page" header is too close to the page edge. Margins wrong?
  • Driver version is wrong (PPD-VERSION-STRING)
  • Make and Model shouldn't have "Postscript (recommended)"
  • Why do we need to use a fixed width font?
  • The "CUPS 1.5.0." field isn't centered on the page (compare to the OS X one)


ubuntu-test-page.png http://design.canonical.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/ubuntu-printer-test-page-2012-a5-scan.png

Opensuse 11



Apart from the very first setup, printing test pages usually happens when dealing with print problems and people don't like to waste color cartridges or toner on this too much. So we might be easy on the amount of things to be printed.



Tentative Design

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