After acquiring or installing a new system there are a few essential things to set up before use. Often this information is already present on another system or on a backup device.


  • Transparently move information from another OS or backup device to a newly installed or updated system
  • Move information from a running system to another system or backup device
  • Integrate with Initial Setup
  • Support the Client Management goal of delegation
  • Allow connecting two computers over a directly ethernet connection
  • Allow connecting two computers over a local wireless network
  • Allow connecting a computer and a backup device over USB


  • Migrating server software data (eg. /var/www for Apache, or MySQL databases)

Data to be migrated

  • local user(s) and their data (GECOS, AccountsService data and icons, and home directory), including "gdm" user

  • Third-party applications (and their means of installation when available)
  • Network configuration files (including passkeys, VPN configurations)
  • System-wide info like: locale, timezone
  • Printers (cups)
  • Fingerprints (fprintd)
  • Bluetooth configuration

Relevant Material

Tentative Design

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