Skype Message Tray Integration

Skype 4.0 currently uses the Message Tray in two ways:

  • It permanently shows a legacy status icon to indicate availability status and to provide access to a context menu for common actions
  • Notifications are displayed using Skype's own notification system
  • New Message Tray items are added for events, such as when new messages arrive.

Legacy tray icons do not integrate well with the GNOME 3 Message Tray, and the display of tray icons in this way does not follow the pattern used by other GNOME 3 applications.

Option 1 - Basic Integration

  • Hide the permanent status icon
  • Disable Skype pop-up notifications by default
  • Use GNOME 3's notification system for common events, such as new messages, incoming call, voice message received, contact came online, contact went offline, contact request, file transfer request, file transfer complete and sms failed.
  • Aggregate Skype notifications under a single Skype Message Tray item.



Option 2 - Extended Integration

This is the same as option 1, with a few additions:

  • Show a Message Tray item for each active conversation.
  • Show a notification for new events, and update the tray item for the corresponding conversation.



Option 3 - Full Integration

This follows options 1 and 2, with the addition of conversation history, contact availability, and in-line replies. The same behaviour can be observed in the integration between GNOME 3 and the Empathy chat application.

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