Dropbox Message Tray Integration

nautilus-dropbox currently uses a legacy system tray icon to indicate status. This:

  • Indicates if Dropbox is actively synchronising
  • Provides access to the main Dropbox menu

System tray icons do not integrate well with GNOME 3, and are largely unused. Below are some suggestions for how to replace the tray icon (this shouldn't take too much work).

Option 1 - Use the Nautilus Bookmark

  • Make the Nautilus bookmark non-removable, and give it the main Dropbox context menu.
  • Ensure that the Dropbox folder is opened in Nautilus when the Dropbox launcher is activated.
  • Indicate status using symbolic icons in the sidebar - it will be enough to indicate when synchronising (icon - emblem-synchronizing-symbolic) and when there is an error (icon - dialog-error-symbolic) - status does not need to be given for the OK state.
  • Don't use a status icon, but carry on using notifications in the current manner.

Mockup 1 - Synchronisation Status

Mockup 2 - Context Menu

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