In-app notifications

Transient messages that are displayed within an application. Differentiated from info bars and regular notifications because:

  1. They are time-specific rather than view-specific.
  2. They are used to notify the user about something that is only meaningful or useful within the context of the application.


  • Be noticeable.
  • Try not to get in the way.
  • Allow an action to be included in the notification.
  • Don't interfere with regular notifications.
  • Compatible with sidebars, full-screen mode and tabs.


  • Notification history.
  • Handle many notifications sent at the same time.
  • In-app notifications are not the same as regular notifications, and shouldn't be connected to them.

Relevant Art

Android - Toasts


Google Inbox shows a similar notification in the bottom-left of the page.




Is "in-application notification" a confusing name? Perhaps it would be better to differentiate from notifications more generally. Other possible names: "information bubble", "message pop up".

Allow apps to determine the placement?

Tentative Design

Notification Behaviour

  • Each notification is shown for a predefined length of time (around 4 seconds?)
  • Don't hide a notification while the pointer is hovering over it.
  • If a notification arrives while an existing notification is being displayed, it should be discarded (ie. it shouldn't get displayed).

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