Getting Started

Help a new user get started in GNOME 3.


WilliamJonMcCann, AllanDay, JakubSteiner


  • Prioritise things that will be interesting to new users
  • Only cover the basics first
  • Avoid lots of text - show don't tell


A video plays that introduces some concepts.

Android (Jelly Bean)

A video which shows the (slightly buggy) initial setup of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Of note is the integrated tutorial that he mentions toward the end.




Versions before 10.7 used an introduction video:

In 10.7 this was replaced with Setup Assistant:

Windows XP

Windows 7




I think there are basically two ways this can break down: Show or Tell. Show can be done indirectly or directly, by live demonstration or by "video".

Some things the user may want to do or know how to do:

  • Launching applications
  • Switch tasks
  • Using Workspaces
  • Use the system search
  • Link to online services
  • Responding to messages
  • Change the Wallpaper
  • Change the time / date / timezone
  • Browse the web
  • Install software
  • Chat with friends
  • Play music
  • Import/upload photos
  • Printing

Each video will also include a textual version of the documented procedure below the embedded video.

Some questions that a new user might wonder about at 'first contact' with GNOME 3:

  • Where are my apps ?
  • How do I launch a web browser ?
  • Which apps are currently running (Alt-Tab, workspaces) ?
  • Where's the menu in this thing (after launching gcalctool, before discovering the app menu) ?
  • Am I online (learn to read the status icons) ?
  • I just set up my google account - where's my mail (when coming in via gnome-initial-setup) ?

Tentative Design

Getting started is a special page in the system help. It is accessible from the desktop help home page, and is automatically opened if the user selects "Take a tour" from Initial Setup. started/getting-started-in-yelp-landing.png started/getting-started-in-yelp-webbrowser.png

Intro Video

Before yelp opens with the getting started page as a first thing after clicking "Take a Tour" at the end of the Initial Setup, a brief video is played back. This video introduces one of the ways to launch applications (using a keyboard), specifically the help/yelp itself. The Getting Started page will actually include instructions on how to launch applications using other input methods as well.

Embedded Videos

Some key tasks will be demonstrated with a short animation played back embedded inside the yelp page. While the amount of text will be minimal, there will be a limited number of translated versions of the videos, falling back to English for most.


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