Form Factors


While our primary focus is laptops, GNOME could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices. Each may have slight variations on the forms of input, visual appearance, and behavior.




Relevant Art


  • "Combobox" - when a window is taller, fade the bottom to alpha and overlay a [ vvv ] button that scrolls to the bottom of the window, creating a similar effect on top. It might be desirable to keep the titlebar visible and the close button accessible in which case we would blend to the titlebar color instead of alpha on top.

    (NickRichards comments 14/6/11) Would we have a ^ on top once you've 'scrolled' as well? Generically, these windows can theoretically be infitely tall (and in the case of evo, they often are very tall)

  • "Scale" - if a window is taller, scale it to fit

Tentative Design


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