Font Chooser

Common font chooser - a generic dialog when picking a font in applications.




  • Specific style. Allow the user to pick a font to be used in an application.
  • Generic Family. Allow to pick a family to be used, with some properties of the font to be left to the application/context (weight, slant etc).
  • Specialized fonts. Eg: a monospace font

  • Fine grained control over all aspects of a variable font? That space might be filled with specific design apps. Theoretically a variable font can expose specific attributes such as length of ascenders.
  • Personalized. Type choice is very personal, people tend to stick to particular choices. Provide means to curate their personal selection?

Use Cases

  • Select a font for a document style, such as headline.
  • Pick a font in a limited context (only monospaced for terminal).

Non Cases

  • Emoji font selector. Picking an emoji font is the equivalent of widget theme selection. While Tweaks, where I see this being used, might need an emoji font filter, the picking and previewing might need a specific layout.

Prior Art

* Photoshop:

  • photoshop-variable-font-properties.png

* Google docs: google-docs1.png google-docs2.png




  • Various font technologies allow different subsets of features. Variable weight/slant only available in a fraction of fonts available.
  • Custom tags/axis is available for some fonts. The default tags are width, weight, optical size, italic, slant.


  • I've spent some time prototyping this in the wip/matthiasc/font-variations branch of gtk:

  • A related topic would be to provide a dialog for tweaking font settings for a range of selected text in a document or text view

Tentative Design


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