Downstream Branding

This page will contain a list of branding opportunities for distributions that does not impact on the visual identity, and user-experience of GNOME itself.

We will try to list branding opportunities and the reasons why we do not favour them when appropriate.

Branding implementation


recommended against

<: #ff8080> recommended against

frowned upon

<: #ffcc50> frowned upon


<: #80ff80> recommended




Unix shell colour scheme

Default hostname

Visible on the local network, shell prompts, remote logins

Boot loader theming

Boot splash theming

Login screen theming

Details Settings panel re-branding

from GNOME to Distribution

used in Fedora, RHEL7

Online Accounts Settings panel

Identifying as GNOME or Distribution to the service provider

Logo in applications menu

Classic shell

used in RHEL7

Default wallpaper, or watermark

used everywhere

Browser initial setup: homepage

Browser initial setup: bookmarks

Default font

used in Ubuntu, macOS

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