Content and Device Access

Sandboxed applications will be able to input and output individual content items through content selection or sharing. However, applications will also need to be able to request access to collections of content or hardware devices.


  • Control application access to:
    • Collections of content, such as contacts, documents or music.
    • Cameras and microphones.
    • Location services.
  • Put the emphasis on "privacy" rather than "security".
  • Don't weigh down the user experience.
  • Indicate when applications are using restricted services/hardware.
  • Provide the ability to audit and revoke access on a per-application basis.

Tentative Designs

Access Control Dialogs

System Status Feedback

Provides feedback when certain services or devices are in use. To be displayed for:

  • Media sharing
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Screen sharing

When the service or device is in use, an icon is displayed in the top bar, and a corresponding menu is included in the system status menu.

Privacy Settings

Allow audit and access revocation.

See privacy settings.

Old Designs


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