System Startup

From power on to either GDM or the user session should be fluid and seamless.


  • Indicate the power is on
  • Show something is happening
  • Efficiently get the system operational

Non Goals

  • Don't be a separate place
  • Don't beat the user over the head with branding


  • Operate in both graphics and text mode
  • Graphics mode must work at 800x600
  • Text mode must work at 80x24 characters
  • Text mode restricted to ASCII character set
  • Background cannot be pure black (#000) due to the way monitors align video images. However, #080808 for example is OK.

Tentative Design

Base color: #2e3436

Boot menu

Boot menu is meant for selecting an OS, should look fairly generic. Not shown by default, opt in.

Graphics Mode

Text Mode


  • Character: ASCII 254, Unicode 25A0
  • Highlight color: #fff
  • Secondary color: #979a9b or (#ffffff80)
  • Appearance: Three characters with one non-breaking space between
  • Behavior: Should start with no characters highlighted. Then progress from 1 to 3. Fade out at finish.

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