GUADEC 2010 HIG BoF Notes

Notes from the BoF session on the new version of the HIG:

  • Developers prefer screenshots (or screenshot mockups) to wireframes (Charlene)
  • Template/examples too wordy-- or at least, present too much information at same time. Would be good to present Mediawiki-style, with a 'Talk' page or similar for the discussion sections.
  • Would be useful to have cross-references (both ways) with Gtk docs... patterns point to docs for individual widgets, and Gtk docs point to patterns that use particular widgets.
  • Would be great to be able to drag pattern .ui files and/or code samples straight into Glade/Anjuta/other IDE! (Jon)
  • Probably not all patterns will use all sections of the template.
  • Documentation section possibly not needed, as most patterns probably won't be doing things that the online help needs to describe click-by-click. (Bastien)

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