HIG Hosting

This is a planning and design page for the next version of the GNOME HIG.

Previously, the HIG was written in docbook and hosted on library.gnome.org. We want to do something a bit different for the next version.


The HIG should be accessible from developer.gnome.org.

The next version of the HIG is intended to be a somewhat dynamic resource. It would be nice to feature pattern updates and status changes in the design of our hosting.


  • Featuring new and updated patterns on the homepage
  • Subscribing for updates, either on a site-wide basis or by individual pages

Other ideas that have been suggested:

  • Making printable PDFs at release time
  • A visual index with screenshots of the patterns and controls

Goals and Scope

  • GNOME branding and use of GNOME website theme
  • Enable visitors to get an overview of the HIG and its structure
  • Give an idea of what order to read things in if someone wants to start at the beginning
  • Allow people to seek out design guidance relating to particular topics (ie. search, browsing the full content, perhaps with screenshots of design patterns)

Tentative Design


  • it would be nice if it was kept translatable, like the 2.x HIG, and like the new www.gnome.org website should be.

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