This is draft content for the next version of the GNOME HIG.

Use of color will help your application to be consistent with the rest of GNOME 3. It will also help users to easily understand your application interface.

General Guidelines

  • Use bright colors sparingly. Its role is to highlight important elements in your interface: too much bright color will distract from what is important.
  • Use the colors that are defined in the GNOME 3 visual theme rather than hard coding them. This will ensure that your application looks good with theme updates, as well as dark and light theme variants.

Light and Dark Visual Themes

GNOME 3 applications can opt to use either the light or the dark variant of the visual theme.

  • Most applications should use the light theme.
  • The dark theme should be used for applications that are focused on visual content, such as image or video focused applications. This gives prominence to the visual content.

Users can opt to use the dark theme for all applications, so ensure that your application renders correctly with the dark theme, even if it uses the light theme by default.

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