GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

The primary role of the HIG is to enable people to design high-quality, integrated and consistent applications for the GNOME platform. It also serves a secondary role in helping new GNOME contributors to learn the project's design goals and approaches.

The HIG can be read online.


  • Convey the high-level design goals and strategy for the GNOME 3 UX.
  • Communicate essential design guidelines in an efficient manner - needs to be succinct and easy to digest.
  • Encourage creative and independent design practice - indicate where design choices and options are available and enable different approaches to be assessed.
  • Be flexible and dynamic - the HIG should be a living document, reflecting current design practice and tools.
  • Avoid unstructured data - information should be organised into a clear arrangement rather than having long flat lists of points.

Resources and Planning

Draft Content

Content in preparation to be added to the HIG, or ideas for additional content.

Redundant Content

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