Gnome Design: Gnome Mockup Assets

Assets are used to help designers making high-fidelity mockups. The assets are proposed in the .svg format to allow designers to reuse and to modify them as they will.

Download the Gnome Assets

The Gnome mockup assets are available on git at [Link]. The font used by default on Gnome is Cantarell.

Contribute to the Gnome Assets

You can contribute to this project by committing svg files on the git repository. The svg files you post must:

  • Be real vector graphics, without any bitmap image which compose it.

  • Be part of the default Gnome's iconset or default theme (adwaita).
  • or heavily reusable, they must not only fit with one specific application.

  • well categorised and well named to be easily found.

  • atomic, they must contain only one specific widget (the whole scrollbar) or an atomic part of it (such as an arrow button of a scrollbar)

If you have any problems, you can ask for help on the #gnome-design IRC channel on the server.

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