logon screen improvement

Statement of opportunity.

The current Gnome login screen presents a list of user names. We click on a name and the password field is presented, along with the option to choose gnome, gnome wayland, gnome classic etc.

To the left of or below that list of names a large empty area.

I would like to use one or the other area to present informational text. The informational message(s) would be presented from time of system boot along side the list of logon names. Herein are two examples.


Welcome to Leslie's Linux System

Available hours are M-F 8am to 10pm


Alternate message that can be written and presented by the administrator


The system is under maintenance(backups and updates)

Do not attempt to log into the system before 12:00 hrs


When Linux is used in a library or public place, there is a need for a message area and an administrator formatted message to appear before the user attempts to log into the system.

This feature would go hand in hand with /etc/motd, /etc/issue or dconf login message. I tried using paper note with sticker to affix the message, but these slips of paper occasionally disappear

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