News RSS Ticker needs a shiny new website design / Icon

Homepage url:
Lauchpad PPA url:

Also an original Icon would be great
News RSS Ticker is due to appear soon in

I just finished the website design draft: News_RSS_Ticker_websit_design_draft
Any comment or suggest would be appreciate:)

Yu Liansu

Hi Maun,

Just made website out of design draft, here you can find the whole site of stuff:NEWS RSS Ticker.tar
Here are some details still need you to complete:
All of download files in download page was not attached, in case the file is too big to upload or download.
The contact page was not created because I do not write php.
Four of screenshot, only the thumbnail pictures are attached.

Fell free to write to me for any question about it.
Yu Liansu

Very nice, thanks a lot !


Hi Yu,

I've just uploaded the site (
Thanks again!


Hi Manu,

Thanks for your appreciate, you are welcome:)


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