The gPodder project ( seeks for a capable artist of reviewing our current icon and either polishing it up to meet the Tango style guidelines or to create a completely new icon (that'd also be awesome, I'm sure there are creative people in the Gnome Art project from what I can see on the Desktop).

Current icon

72x72 PNG: SVG: 16x16 icon:

At least the 16x16 icon needs to be re-drawn so it adheres to the Tango style guidelines - it currently looks really out of place :/

New icon

This description might help you in creating a new icon:

gPodder is a graphical tool that downloads audio and video content from the Internet. After that, the user can either transfer the content to iPods, MP3 player or Bluetooth devices or consume the content on their computer. Read the Wikipedia article on Podcast for more information about how podcasting works.

Contact person for this request: Thomas Perl (thp -- at --

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