Kupfer, "a convenient command and access tool", is an application launcher, with some things more.

Kupfer's homepage is http://kaizer.se/wiki/kupfer/

Request 1: A Logo for Kupfer

The Current Logo is just the icon name "search", in my icon theme a gearwheel with binoculars. Nice, but a stock icon.

Let your fantasy run wild. Kupfer is inspired by Quicksilver, which uses its alchemic symbols as logo (Woman q symbol + "horns"). "Kupfer" just means copper, and the alchemic symbol is just the same as the woman "q" symbol, but that is too similar to Quicksilver probably.

* As of May 2010, Kupfer now has an icon

Request 2: Action Icons

Icons are important in Kupfer to distinguish items and actions. Items (are files, notes, websites, songs) natually get icons as file icons or so. But Actions need abstract icons. However, my design guideline for Kupfer so far has been that each item should have as specific icon as possible, while Action icons should be simple and might not be specific. Simply: While the collection of items is a cacaphony of all your stuff, they are like physical things, you recognize them by their looks. Actions not so. The generic icon for an action is the gearwheel.

Launch Application icon: This is a specific request. It would be cool to have this rocket icon as the Launch Application icon. Here is a non-free reference taken from an OS X application, but using something very similar this for Launch Application would be cool:


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