I need a hackergotchi for my Planet GNOME entry. I tried alot but failed. Here are two pics: one and two.

attached files

I attached hackergotchi files. Please add some note approval of images in this page, so i can add this to done list.

hg-seif-with-hair-dropshadow-non-transparent.jpg hg-seif-with-hair-dropshadow-transparent.png hg-seif-with-hair-spotshadow-non-transparent.jpg hg-seif-with-hair-spotshadow-transparent.png hg-seif-with-plugs-non-transparent.jpg hg-seif-with-plugs-transparent.png

Also: Feel free to resize (preferred to downscale instead of upscale) files to your needs. I don't know what's regular size for hackergotchi image so i just used some nice image size there.


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