Transmageddon needs a icon/logo, already talked with andreas about design <Uraeus> andreasn: so as you can see its a video transcoder application <Uraeus> andreasn: the idea is to add a 'profile' option which gives you the choice of misc devices like iPod, Nokia 810, PSP and so on, and the transcoder will choose your codecs and container formats for you <andreasn> ah, so it takes one video format and turns it into another? <Uraeus> andreasn: yes, it takes anything in that GStreamer supports, and can convert it out to almost everything GStreamer supports <andreasn> cool <andreasn> do you have any ideas for what you would like the icon to be? <Uraeus> andreasn: well one idea I had was a image of a video roll with 3 image fields. The first being red, the second green and the third blue. But on the green one the film roll is twisted around, so the red and blue are in some sense the opposite of eachother <andreasn> that could work <andreasn> sounds pretty nice <Uraeus> yeah, it kinda plays on the RGB thing that also the gstreamer logo refers to, and at the same time do illustrate turning one video into a different one <andreasn> add it to and I'll put my name on it <andreasn> I can't promise you to fix it this weekend, but hopefully soonish <Uraeus> andreasn: ok cool, I will

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